Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Slice of Life # 32

                                                                                      Good bye

It time to say good bye now for all of you seeing my slice of Life. I enjoying writing my Slice of life and put the picture into blog. It my first time writing on a blog and I think is very cool because people from all around  can see our slice of Life and have 28 commet. So thank you for seeing my Slice of Life I will be looking for your Slice of life and commet it Good bye.


Slice of Life # 31

www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y66j_BUCBMY: Best day of my Life song
www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6Sxv-sUYtM: I am so Happy
www.youtube.com/watch?v=09R8_2nJtjg: The macroon 5 sugar

                                                                             my favorite song

My favorite song is I am so happy because when I heard this song it make me Happy then my brother and me sing too. and also that this song it help me do my home work quicker sometime.Then my second favorite song is the best day of my life I don't know why I likeit but this is my brother favorite song and this is my second favorite song. And I have one reason why I like this song when I doing my home work my brother said to me " Can you put the best day of my life song please" and he bugged and annoy until I put the best day of life song sometime. When I listen to this song it make me want to sing to I don't know why. But this is my second favorite song. And my third favorite song is Macroon 5 sugar because when I heard that song it makes me want to sing too because I like the boys voice when they sing. The girl sing not really much because girl not yell that much when they sing. When the Macroon 5 sugar sing I like when they sing because his voice really good and clean.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Slice of Life # 30



                                                               My favorite television movie

My favorite movie is Despicable me 2 see my slice of Life 15. And also I have 3 favorite Television movie. first My favorite television movie is Boboiboy. Boboiboy it is from Malaysia  Telivision movie and the story is Boboiboy has 4 friends name Ying, Yaya, Gopal and Fang to protect the Earth from the aliens name Adudu to take coco. Then Boboiboy has a grandfather name Tok Aba and he has power ball to give Boboiboy the power with his friends at the beginning. Then my Second favorite television movie is Upin and Ipin. Upin and Ipin is a Malaysia movie telivision. The story is Upin and Ipin is twins there are 6 years old. Ipin is the youngest and Upin is the oldest. Then Upin and Ipin has 1 sister name Kak Rose and Upin and Ipin has 1 grandmother name Opah. Upin and Ipin has many friend too. And my favorite television movie is Gokaiger. Gokaiger is a Japan telivision movie and it talk Japan and I could understand a little bit. The story is their are 5 friend to protect the earth and also there are power ranger Japan. and 5 friend trying to protect the earth just like Boboiboy their are  trying to protect the earth from aliens to destroy the earth. It film on a Toie company in Japan. It also has many power ranger in Japan. And Gokaiger is the 35 power ranger in Japan.


Slice of Life # 29

                                                                               Spring break

YAY it is Spring break finally I can relax at home. And I don't really want to anywhere I just want to stay home why because I live in apartment and the bed is so soft that I sit on my bed about 5 hours and I watch You tube in my computer and also I have to do my homework. Then saturday I have to wake up early because My family going hiking and I don't want to go to hiking but I love going hiking in the afternoon not in the morning. Because when I don't have school I always wake up on 9 am and when we go hiking we have to wake up at 7 am when we go to hiking sometime. Then my family go to the same place for hiking it is called the Canopy walk and my family went there about 5 times and I getting bored going to the same place. I was planing to stay at home in Spring break and my plan did't work because my Dad want us to get some fresh air from out side and getting active.

This is my plan for the spring breaks and It did't work

1. Wake up at 9 am

2. watch some You tube

3. 10 am eat breaks fast

4. watch TV

5. Do my home work

6.  watch TV

7.  And go down stair and play with my friends at the play ground

Spring breaks

Slice of Life # 28




Last year my family is at Canada and we about to go to  Malaysia. So first we go to the airport and my Dad said "we going to Japan first and then Malaysia and I was confused and I ask my father back "why" And my Dad said" I just want to explore and want to see how look like it Japan" and "I said which part of Japan" and he said "Tokyo" and I said "ok" and actually I was so exited to go to Japan because I never been to Japan before  and I want to eat sushi so badly. When my family get to the plane my brother, my little sister and me really exited to go on the plane because my brother and my little sister like to side beside the window and when my brother sit next to the window first my little sister want to sit beside the window too and both of them are arguing and fighting at the plane and it was really embarrassing when I see both of them were fighting and funny. While there are fighting my Dad could help to hear the noise.When they are fighting and then my Dad said you two cant sit at the window. And it turn out my Dad is sitting next to the window because my little sister and my brother are fighting like a animals. When my Family are arriving at Japan and 1 things I realize is  really, really, really clean in Tokyo. And I said "WOW this is clean place ever". And we just stay in Japan for 2 days anyway and it is Transit. In the first day we go to the train and the train were really fast and then when we get out of the train there were a lot of rain and we made it at the Pokemon center. We buy a lot of stuff at Pokemon center especially we buy a lot of pencils too and then at night we eat sushi and I have really hard time how to use the chop stick. Then my Mom and Dad use Chop stick so easily and I said to my self how they do that. Then instead I use with my hand and it was delicious. The second day we just walk around and we eat donut at the bakery store. Then I notice is still raining and then we pack our stuff to go to Malaysia we took a bus. When we got to the Air port we go to the plane and my Family were  going  to Malaysia because it my country. I hope I go  to Japan Again soon and I will never forget the memories I have when I was in Japan.

Japan flag

Japan sushi

Friday, 27 March 2015

Slice of life # 27


                                                What I am thank you for and what I am appreciate.

  • Got to go amazing school of ISKL
  • Going to Canada about 3 years
  • Amazing family
  • Amazing friends at ISKL
  • Lucky to have a computer at ISKL
  • Have a delicious food in Malaysia 
  • Lucky to have snow in Canada

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Slice of # 26


When people are crying and  tears because of the disaster destroying everything but you need to save money and work hard to build a house. Don't think of the disaster like tsunami and earth quakes when you thinks of it. It going to come I had this experience before many time. Work hard and save money help each other out do not give up when people know how is looks like when they have tsunami and earthquakes.